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Launched in 2010 by CEO Francesco Baschieri, Marco Pracucci and Rocco Zanni, Spreaker is the best podcasting platform allowing you to create, distribute, monetize, measure, and listen to live, on-demand audio shows.

Who we are

With thousands of podcasters hosting their shows on the platform and millions of active monthly users, Spreaker enables anyone to participate in and interact with a rich community of audio creators and listeners.

Podcasters will find all the tools necessary to simplify and speed up the podcasting process. Spreaker’s features include an easy-to-use recording app on both desktop and mobile, the ability to migrate content using an RSS feed importer, as well as ways to connect to external tools and mixers; audio storage space for hosting shows; automatic episodes sharing by connecting to social networks, one-click distribution to submit to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer and many more, and embeddable players; measurement tools with detailed audience analytics like plays, sources, and geolocation; and soon to be introduced monetization opportunities.

Listeners can find unique podcasts and podcasters, chat with hosts as they listen in live, leave comments on episode pages, follow networks, and like their favorite episodes.

Spreaker both podcasting and listening apps are available on iOS and Android devices.

In January 2018 Spreaker was acquired by Voxnest, a forethinker company in the world of audio technology solutions.

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Special thanks

Apart from the guys who work hard every day to make Spreaker a better place, there are few other people whose support was significant. We would like to say special thanks to:


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